Past Years Words in Winter Central Goldfields 2011 – 2016

An average of 10 – 15 events have been held annually in August within the Central Goldfields Victoria region over the past 6 years.  The towns of Maryborough, Carisbrook and Dunolly have shown their best, and continue onward to include Avoca in 2017.  Now in the 7th year, the upcoming programme promises to be just as good as previous years with a variety of events to be announced late June, 2017.  Many different venues in the past such as Maryborough Railway Station, The Supreme Hotel, Bucknall’s Church, Senior Citizens’ Hall, Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough Library, KATESCASTLE Book Emporium, Maryborough Community Hub, Paramount Theatre, Dunolly Arts Hub, Buckley’s of Dunolly, Wright on Broadway, and more have supported the festival.  Many talented artists have presented in the region, such as Fay White, Jane Thompson, Jenny Davies, Jane Sullivan, Ken Haley, John Harms, Carmel Bird, Justine Sless, Nicole Jenkins, David & Rosie Demant, Storytelling Australia Victoria, Gregg Joseph, Gail Oliver, Chooka Parker, berni m janssen, Geoff Bonney, Forest Keegel, Rachel Buckley, Julie Gittis, Susie Sarah, Chris Hillier, Truly Madly Deeply, Lowen Clarke, Adrian Masterman-Smith, Hilda & Laurie Inglese, and many more.  We are so grateful for their participation and thank them!

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